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“It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise. And, it’s certainly not a tactic to be taken lightly. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web and while video marketing is frequently an afterthought, its value demands a front-runner position in your content marketing plan.

The future has already arrived. This has been a full-on video revolution year for marketers. According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% of businesses have started using video content marketing. Out of those 82% of businesses feel video marketing is an important part of their strategy. Video is progressing rapidly and will reach new heights sooner than we think. This trend is fueled by 83% of businesses believing that video marketing gives them a good ROI.
Everyone consumes content differently. But regardless of your preferred method of learning, your brain is what actually retains the information. Your brain is wired to remember visual content better than a page full of words. Studies have shown that the average viewer retains 95% of a message when they watch it, as opposed to a mere 10% retention rate when reading it.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is priceless.
Mobile Devices love video

It’s no secret that mobile optimization is taking over the digital marketing scene. Creating content that is accessible on-the-go is crucial to reaching your audience, considering 91% of adults have their phones within reach at all times.

Consumers are 3 times more likely to watch a video on a mobile device, so if you have video content, your brand will literally be in the palm of their hand. “Mobile devices have redefined the way we live our lives and online video is in the midst of that redefinition… understanding and taking advantage of the changes in consumer behavior is more critical than ever for brands.” If I can’t convince you that mobile videos are important, then maybe you might want to check your own mobile habits? ”

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Content is all about telling a story. Whether it’s a story about your product, your customers, or maybe even compliance changes, your main goal as a content crafter is to share a message that compels, persuades, and convinces your audience to take action.


Believe it or not, business owners have plenty of options when it comes to displaying the face of their company and hiring a spokesperson is one of the best. With regard to small businesses, hiring a spokesperson can be beneficial for video marketing.


Every complex idea can be simplified by illustrations. This is the main reason why whiteboard videos are so effective. Benefits from whiteboard videos are More retention rate, Proven Psychological reason, Breaks down complexity.



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“Thank you for making our new video absolutely amazing. You capture the idea we wanted to covey to our customers. So many comments how fantastic the video is!”

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